James Constant


Saxa Poitica: Classism dialogue outside the classroom

I’ll be dedicating my last Saxa Politica column (at least for the foreseeable future) to an issue I’ve seen grow in salience over the three years I’ve spent in college.... Read more


Under the Covers: Pursuing the Persistence of Memory

Memory is a fickle aspect of our lives. Vibrant memories can provide a level of certainty to conceptions of self, but they also hold painful details that sour relationships and... Read more


Under the Covers: Time to rewrite the high school syllabi

After getting back from a week-long hiking trip in the Smoky Mountains last Friday, I sat around with some friends and discussed our respective spring breaks. The topic of reading... Read more


Under the Covers: Reading is hard, B.J. Novak can help

I was a big reader during elementary school, which probably won’t surprise anyone, but I didn’t start out with a love for literature. The book that left the biggest impression... Read more


Under the Covers: Books should start at the beginning

Sometimes, the bits that go nowhere are the most important ones. I’ve been reading Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I know, I know. I’m about seven years... Read more


Saxa Politica: Campaign videos campaign for votes

Have you heard the shrill bleating of a freshman campaigner exhorting his roommate to “join us in building a new Georgetown”? Yes, GUSA campaign season has begun. For the next... Read more


Under the Covers: In the midst of harsh realities, hope springs eternal

In a slum surrounding Mumbai’s gleaming Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, hope springs eternal, at least when prices for a kilo of compressed plastic bags are high. Katherine Boo’s stunning nonfiction... Read more


CV: Sleater-Kinney, No Cities to Love

Band reunions are often a bitter cash grab. As a die-hard Doolittle fan, it pains me to think of the Pixies’ whitebread post-2003 releases. The same goes for the latest... Read more


Saxa Politica: It’s time to let students get on board

GUSA did something great last week. No, seriously! The student body’s esteemed representatives released a proposal on Jan. 11. In it, they call on D.C. college and university students to... Read more


Standing Up and Standing Together: Students demand racial justice

“Your silence is suffocating. We, students of color, cannot breathe.” So begins the letter issued by a coalition of Georgetown University Law Center students of color to the GULC administration... Read more