Galen Weber


Saxa Politica: Gratuitous grad students

At one of the 2010 Campus Plan town halls for students and staff, the administrators attempted to minimize the side effects of expanding the graduate student body from its current 5,545 to 8,750 by 2020, an increase of almost 60 percent.


Trading candy and costumes for Gatorade and tiny shorts

A child’s greatest nightmare is that Christmas (or whatever respective holiday he celebrates) will somehow be stolen. The fear of losing Christmas compels normally delinquent children to behave kindly during... Read more


GUTS buses rerouted under plan

Georgetown University is planning to send nearly all GUTS buses out of the Canal Rd. exit, which would add a mile to the Dupont Circle route that would use the... Read more


GU group pushes DPS raise

Georgetown Solidarity is launcing a campaign to raise the pay of Department of Public Safety officers. The campaign coincides with ongoing contract negotiations between Allied International Union, which represents DPS... Read more


Robbery at Cosi

In a robbery that occurred this Sunday, a supervisor at the Cosi Restaurant in the Leavey Center was bound with a cord and forced into a chair by a knife-wielding... Read more


GU vets given less aid than peers

Undergraduate student veterans at Georgetown receive far less in education benefits than veterans at neighboring institutions like George Washington University and peer institutions like Dartmouth College and University of Pennsylvania,... Read more


$6.75m for cancer center

Georgetown University Medical Center recently received a $6.75 million gift for the creation of a new cancer center. The donation was made by Jeanne Ruesch in honor of her husband... Read more