Jon Block

Jon was podcast editor, Halftime leisure editor, and Halftime sports editor for the Voice. You can follow him on Twitter @jon_block_ but not on Instagram because he doesn't have one.


Rise of Keegan Rosenberry: Former Hoya Climbs MLS Ranks

As fighter jets soared and fireworks flared above Avaya Stadium in San Jose, California on a warm July afternoon, Keegan Rosenberry exited the stadium locker room and looked out onto... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Taste Test: Vegan Food for Non-Vegans

On the latest episode of Taste Test, host Erika Bullock breaks (vegan) bread with Danielle Hewitt, Jon Block, and Daniel Varghese. This week: vegan food for non-vegans. The crew breaks... Read more

Halftime Sports

The Sports Sermon: Heisman Hopefuls and Christian Pulisic

On this episode of The Sports Sermon, Jon Block, Chris Dunn, Nick Gavio, and Tyler Pearre discuss some up-and-coming young talent, from Heisman hopefuls to soccer phenom Christian Pulisic. They... Read more


Concert Preview: George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic, 9:30 Club 9/24

Because for whatever reason they never stop touring, George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic are returning to D.C. for a show at the 9:30 Club Saturday, September 24th. Inducted into the Rock... Read more


LVL UP is Lost in the Noise

After two albums full of frenetic energy, LVL UP’s third album, Return to Love, displays many of the tropes of a maturing band. While the band’s songs were previously short... Read more

Halftime Sports

The Sports Sermon: NFL Week 1 and Landon Donovan

Welcome to the first episode the The Sports Sermon, a new podcast from the Voice where we discuss all things sports. In this episode, host Jon Block sits down with Chris Dunn,... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Untitled Leisure Podcast: Atlanta

In this episode of the Untitled Leisure Podcast, host Daniel Varghese sits down with Danielle Hewitt, Jon Block, and Mike Bergin to discuss the premiere two episodes of Donald Glover’s... Read more


Way-Too-Early Premier League Predictions

The Premier League is back, but just barely. While in some ways it seems like so much has already happened, there are only two games down and 36 to go... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Untitled Leisure Podcast: BoJack Horseman Season 3

Season 3 of the critically acclaimed and beloved BoJack Horseman premiered on July 22nd. It took four weeks, but Daniel Varghese, Halftime Editor Danielle Hewitt, and Podcast Editor Jon Block... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Untitled Leisure Project Episode 1: Colbert’s Return

Your favorite pop culture podcast is back! After a long hiatus, The Untitled (but soon-to-be titled) Leisure Project crew has returned to talk about another return, that of Stephen Colbert’s... Read more