Jackson Perry


Carrying On: Administrative error

Georgetown is a great university—in spite of its administration. I know I will look back happily on my time here long after I’ve graduated—in spite of its administration. Every year, we learn about something stupid the administration has done and it aggravates students whose disappointment with the University usually lays dormant.


Carrying On: Teaching the teacher

Not every Georgetown professor is perfect, and many Georgetown students have had serious problems with some of the teaching styles they have encountered during our college careers. I’m not talking about a complaint about the amount of homework on a particular night—I mean a fundamental problem with their professor’s teaching methods.


Arrested international development: A certificate program on the brink

Zara Khan (SFS ’07) has had enough. During her 18 months as the program coordinator of the International Development certificate—the most popular certificate in the School of Foreign Service—the SFS deans have repeatedly slashed the certificate’s budget, despite a meteoric rise in enrollment in the certificate.


Carrying On: GU should prioritize poverty studies

In 1919, Georgetown recognized the United States’s rapidly expanding role in global affairs and established the SFS to train young diplomats. Predating the establishment of the U.S. Foreign Service by six years, the SFS has arguably become Georgetown’s most prestigious institution, and its alumni have affected the course of history.


Carrying On: Bringing down a cult of personality

Ayn Rand’s works encourage everyone to act in their own self-interest. Her ideology is a reaction against the statist control of the economy that fascism and communism sought in 1920s and ‘30s Europe. But the American welfare state is far from the totalitarian state of Atlas Shrugged, Nazi Germany, or Soviet Russia.