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Around the world in 50 years: Where the nerds become the rockstars

“You can literally feel the energy of these 20 people who you’ve been working with for a year to create a conference,” said Ishita Kohli (SFS ’13). “I definitely had that perfect sense of fulfillment that I had ownership over an extremely amazing endeavor.” Students and alumni reflect on the meaning of NAIMUN’s 50th conference this coming weekend.


Five Georgetown alumni prepare for new careers in Congress

Though the 2012 election madness has finally drawn to a close, the political whirlwind has only just begun for the five Georgetown alumni elected into the 113th Congress for the first time. In January, these five new Democratic members of the House of Representatives will join an additional nine former Hoyas reelected into the House, as well as two alumni elected into the Senate.


BMDT’s Fire in Her Eyes ignites Walsh’s Black Box Theatre

If “Gangnam Style” is the extent of your knowledge about the current dance world, the time has arrived to experience Georgetown’s Black Movements Dance Theatre. Appropriately titled for its emphasis on girl power and ethnic culture, Fire in Her Eyes opens this weekend at the Walsh Black Box Theatre. And what the show lacks in technical consistency, Fire makes up for with the dancers’ passion, highlighted in energetic performances which mix a myriad of styles.


Homeless residents improvise to weather Hurricane Sandy

Georgetown students took advantage of the two days of cancelled classes resulting from Superstorm Sandy by studying, sleeping, relaxing, or raging safely inside their heated residences. However, other members of the Georgetown community and greater D.C. area were not so fortunate.


Georgetown’s dark knights: GERMS’s 30 years of keeping the community safe

“It’s [an] amazing thing to look back on your college career and realize something you were part of in the early days is really still something that is still important to the community today.” Not many people can say that, but Chris Callsen (COL ‘85), a founding member of Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service, can.


Trebizond Investments sparks campus controversy

Trebizond Investments has sparked controversy ever since it arrived on campus last semester with the slogan, “Become the 1%.” But as founder Caspian Tavallali (SFS ‘14) put it, “any press is good press, especially when you’re a small company.”


Neuroscience attracts attention, but not from Hoyas

The Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience (IPN) is one of the success stories of Georgetown’s increased focus on the natural sciences. An obscurity only a few years ago, the Ph.D. program has vaulted itself into the number 14 slot in the National Academy of Sciences’ rankings of neuroscience programs in the U.S. But, even with the presence of a undergraduate neurobiology major at the university, only a precious few Hoyas apply to further their education in the IPN.


CAG installs neighborhood cameras

The Citizens Association of Georgetown (CAG) announced earlier this week that it will be installing security cameras in the Georgetown residential area. The project, spearheaded by CAG President Jennifer Altemus, will begin with installing three security cameras for a test period, after which, the CAG board has authorized the installation of six to seven additional cameras.


Faculty question Rep. Paul Ryan’s use of Catholic social teaching

Today, Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) is slated to arrive on campus to speak at the 2012 Whittington Lecture, Georgetown Public Policy Institute’s annual event designed to promote education and awareness about policy issues. Since the announcement of his speech, Ryan has sparked controversy among the University’s Jesuit community over his use of Catholic social teaching in support of his budget policies. In anticipation of his presence on campus, Fr. Thomas Reese wrote a letter to Ryan on behalf of Georgetown’s Jesuit scholars, challenging his use of Catholic social teaching to defend his budget and its destructive impact on the poor.