Julia Jester


Carrying On: The challenge of student media

Controversy. Clicks. Criticism. These buzzwords have come to define both the goals and perceptions of modern-day media, for better or for worse. And as I prepared to write my final... Read more


Carrying on: Politics at the Oscars

The subject of politics frequently finds its way into the Academy Awards, and the 2015 Oscars were no exception. Not even including red carpet movements such as #AskHerMore, this year’s... Read more


Carrying On: Dancing with division

Last weekend, aspiring dancers flocked to New York City to audition for the 12th season of the reality competition So You Think You Can Dance. After over a decade of nearly... Read more


Higher Edge: Major decision, minor support

Between the rising costs of college tuition and the lingering effects of the recession, it’s no surprise that the specialized training versus liberal arts education debate has yet to be... Read more


Take It or Leave It: Does a medical leave of absence help or harm?

“I can’t go back to Georgetown, there’s no way I can come back the way I am.” When Georgetown students arrive on campus, they have their road map to success... Read more


Higher Edge: Minimum effort for college affordability

“Back in my day, I worked my way through college.” That’s reasonable enough for our parents to say, when referring to a time when colleges didn’t expect students to live... Read more


Higher Edge: Colleges shouldn’t get IX lives

The White House’s star-studded “It’s On Us” campaign may have made headlines this month, but it’s far from being the only step in recent times to combat sexual assault on... Read more


Georgetown community remembers Andrea Jaime

Georgetown student Andrea Jaime (NHS ‘17) passed away from apparent meningitis at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital on Tuesday afternoon. That evening, students, faculty, and friends gathered in Dahlgren Quadrangle to... Read more


Higher Edge: Stay classy, for-profit universities

In 1911, the federal government tried to rate American colleges, but failed miserably. Undeterred, the U.S. Department of Education is trying again. Later this fall, a draft of President Obama’s... Read more


NSO includes first ever mandatory sexual assault education component

For the first time, New Student Orientation included a mandatory sexual assault education component this year after a recent push from student organizations, including the Voice and GUSA. Last year’s... Read more