Julia Shindel

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The U.S. v. nonviolent DNC & RNC protesters

Dear Denver and St. Paul, I can still smell the last whiffs of the tear gas that you sprayed at us, I still see the remnants of it rising mockingly in misty spirals to a backdrop of riot gear, though all that is left of our peaceful protests are the legal battles that began to erupt between you and us protesters in the aftermath of the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention.


Unmasking the Man at the DNC and RNC

About a month ago, I was staring into the barrel of a gun. I remember the nauseating feeling in my stomach—an intoxicating blend of extreme fear, shock and blinding anger. During my time spent protesting the Democratic and Republican national conventions in Denver, Colorado and St. Paul, Minnesota, I felt these emotions many times: fear because of the burning sensation as my body was coated in chemical spray; shock at seeing clouds of gas, tinted red by the lights, engulfing us as we ran, coughing and gagging: even terror at hearing the concussion grenades bursting over our heads, making us stumble amidst the whirlwind of chaos.

Page 13 Cartoons

bruises and pearls

Don’t worry, mother, he is no more. A string of pearls and a torn nibble of lace, Blood emerged to frame her face, The creature had cursed us before.