Kaitlyn Delaney


Horror Saxa Episode 6: Samuel Little

Kait and Bahar unpack the twisted tale of Samuel Little: the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history according to the FBI.


Horror Saxa Episode 5: The Lululemon Murder

Tune in to hear Bahar Hassantash and Kait Delaney recount the chilling story of Bethesda Maryland’s 2011 Lululemon murder.


Oh, the places you won’t go (if you want to pursue education at Georgetown)

If you want to pursue a field other than law, healthcare, politics, or business, you’re left with few options; there are few productive majors for a college student, like myself, who is interested in early education. As I browsed my options for a new major, I started to question why the options were so limited. While the school offers a myriad of options for students pursuing high-earning fields, the same kind of variety doesn’t exist for students pursuing typically low-earning fields.