Kevin Joseph

Kevin Joseph is a former Sports Editor for the The Georgetown Voice.


Sports Sermon: Whittington the unsung key for Hoyas

Unprompted praise from an opponent. In life, it comes rarely enough. In the sporting world it’s almost unheard of, which is what made Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean’s praise of... Read more


Sports Sermon: D’Antoni’s chance for redemption

This time, for someone like me who doesn’t think D’Antoni is a bad defensive coach, there’s no excuse to fail.


Life lessons from Georgetown’s own lifelong learner

Every so often, and more frequently now that I’m a senior, I find myself in a bit of an academic rut. Whenever it happens, I tend to take a step... Read more


Sports Sermon: Georgetown needs to extend JTIII’s contract

John Thompson III deserves an extension, and a lengthy one at that. I want to see what other coach could come in and recruit incredible talents like Greg Monroe and Otto Porter to a school with facilities lacking as much as Georgetown’s.


2012 Basketball Preview

The Hoyas enter the second-straight season unranked in all national polls, failing to garner even one vote in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll. Just like last season, they don’t seem to care all too much.


Sports Sermon: Dealing the Beard a critical mistake

“Fear the beard.” It became a mantra of sorts for the Oklahoma City Thunder—the one lasting image from their youthfully talented group of the past three seasons. This wasn’t referring... Read more


Sports Sermon: Why the East Coast rules

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the biggest brands in United States sports. The Dallas Cowboys and their iconic star share a similar pedestal—sustained success over the past few... Read more


Sports Sermon: The plight of the Yankees

A grueling six-month season that produced 95 wins is considered pretty successful in a lot of people’s minds, especially when the end reward is a division championship and entrance to... Read more


Sports Sermon: Basketball attendance a fluid concept

The Hilltop faces a bit of a dilemma every year when basketball season rolls around. While the Hoyas are a national powerhouse in an athletic sense, so too is Georgetown... Read more


Sports Sermon: A dissillusionment from sports

Overanalyzing occurs with just about everything though—sports, television, politics—as pundits talk about what happened, its significance, and what it means for the future ad nauseum.