Lindsay Leasor


Artificial attention: The consequences of study drugs

It’s the end of the semester, crunch time for every class, and you’ve fallen behind on your schoolwork. The Georgetown culture, in which classes, social life, and extracurriculars fight for every minute of your schedule, is starting to take its toll, and you find yourself scraping to find enough time and energy for every aspect of your busy student life. It takes a special kind of person to pull of such a balancing act with ease. But 36 milligrams of Concerta later, that balancing act becomes a lot easier.


College Dems and Repubs come together to host debate watch party

For the first time in recent memory, the Georgetown chapters of the College Democrats and College Republicans hosted a presidential debate-watching party together. The two groups came together in Lohrfink Auditorium Wednesday night to experience and discuss the event that would become the most tweeted political event in U.S. history.