Madelyn Rice


Panel discusses climate displacement

On Nov. 14, the Environmental Future(s Initiative (EFI) hosted a panel in the Mortara Center for International Studies to discuss climate induced displacement and the future of environmental refugees. The... Read more


Little movement visible in Nike negotiations

 The branding contract between Georgetown University and Nike expires on Dec. 31. As of now, Nike has not signed Georgetown’s code of conduct, and if Georgetown renews the contract, Nike... Read more


Edward Snowden addresses students

On Oct. 7, Edward Snowden spoke to Georgetown students in Lohrfink Auditorium while sitting 4500 miles away in an undisclosed location in Russia. The discussion was moderated by Kevin Bankston,... Read more


Making a Name for Yourself: The Quest for Individuality at College

Most people don’t choose their names, and I didn’t choose mine. My parents picked it for the melody of syllables in “Madelyn,” and I’ve lived with the misspellings and the... Read more