Megan Shudde

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Gtown housing: the bad, the really bad, and the worst

For me, the inordinate difficulty of obtaining affordable housing as an upperclassmen and lackluster facilities we must endure if we’re lucky enough to get campus housing fly in the face of Georgetown’s commitment to cura personalis.


Discovering Egypt through amoebic dysentery

My efforts to live like a local certainly did reap cultural dividends, just not the kind I expected. A few days later, I started feeling sick and developed a 104-degree fever. Before I could say, “pyramid,” I was on my way to Mustashfa as-Salaam (Hospital Peace), about to acquire far more insights into the Egyptian health care system than I ever wanted to know.


Give me liberty, but don’t let me vote on a ballot initiative

The ballot initiative process is just too much unfettered democracy.