Miykaelah Sinclair

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Facing sexual harassment on the subcontinent

In rapidly modernizing India, eve-teasing has emerged as a popular form of social control of women. The Eve-teasing Bill, which the Indian government passed in 1984, defines it as “consisting of the following actions: when a man by words either spoken or by signs and or by visible representation or by gesture does an act in a public place, or sings, recites or utters any indecent words or song or ballad in any public place to the annoyance of any woman, he may be arrested.”


The best part of waking up is a Murky cup

You may be sipping on your daily caramel macchiato as you read this. Or perhaps you are more of a “Beloved” fan. Either way, why the extra flavoring? Can’t you handle the taste of real coffee? Would you prefer to drink straight sugar? I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say that it’s not you; it’s the coffee.


Fall Fashion 2007

From runways to magazines, fall fashion is back and now the time (and temperature) has arrived for us to stash away those summer clothes and slip into that comfy sweater dress. This year’s fall fashion offers a fabulous mixture of textures and colors that draw inspiration from the old Hollywood glamour of the early twentieth century.

Those of you who thought gloves were just for winter or old ladies, think again! Many designers, including Prada, have promoted boldly-colored gloves of varying lengths. Other accessory trends include ankle boots, peep-toed heels, unique tights and ankle socks, as well as large, flashy jewelry. For a fresh take on femininity, take a look at Miu Miu’s mixture of classic oxfords and flashier, bubble-gum pink plastic heels.