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No on-campus cura personalis for sick Hoyas

You wake up one morning to find your throat as raspy as Bob Dylan’s. You trudge to class, yet you can’t help but cough at the least opportune moments and, despite your best attempts, you are that loathsome person whose nose just won’t stop running. But it’s not a cold. It can’t be. Georgetown students can’t afford to get sick. We have classes, commitments, jobs, and social lives. Maybe it’s nerdy, but in general, the only thing that we Hoyas hate more than the flu itself is missing a day of school.


Coffee break: Bringing addiction to a grinding halt

My freshman fall semester was spent in line at MUG and Uncommon Grounds deciding which drink to try. The delicious-sounding names of the drinks made them that much more enticing—who wouldn’t want to quench her thirst with a drink called “The Anarchist,” “The Yankee Buster,” or “The Peter Cottontail”?

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Hey, wanna make out? Oh … a handshake is cool too

Inhabiting a campus as culturally eclectic as Georgetown, I often find myself unsure of the proper way to greet someone. Should I give a hug, a kiss on the cheek,... Read more


Butt out: GU Hospital bans smoking

As of November 20, the use of tobacco will be prohibited in and around the Georgetown University Hospital. According to Kate Alcorn, a media representative for GUH, the policy will... Read more


GUSET aims to score points with D.C. high schoolers

Georgetown University Students for Education and Tennis, a group that will bring tennis to under privileged high school students in the D.C. area received approval from the Center for Social Justice, according to its founder, Devan Dalcol (COL `11).


Med student victim of hate crime

Last Friday at around three a.m., two men shouted homophobic slurs at a Georgetown University medical student, and one struck him across the face with a Grey Goose Vodka bottle.


Fenty shutters Franklin Shelter

When Mayor Adrian Fenty (D) closed down the Franklin Homeless Center in Shaw last Friday, former Franklin resident Eric Sheptock told local activists of a “sleep-out” protest in the park across the street on his blog. However, he said, he would not be able to attend, because he had to follow his belongings to a new shelter.


Language class enrollment on the rise

Some foreign language departments were forced to expand class size restrictions this fall after enrollment peaked in certain classes.