Molly Redden

Plan A: Hoyas for Reproductive Justice resorts to plan B


Based on reader comments on the Voice’s and The Hoya’s websites, students reacted almost uniformly to students chaining themselves to the statue of John Carroll as part of a Plan A: Hoyas they agreed with the protest’s cause, but not with the way in which it was executed. And with protesters demanding the on-campus sale of condoms as if it was a matter of life or death and shouting fabrications at families visiting for Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program weekend … it was hard to disagree.

Campus copes with blizzard


Amid a series of massive snow storms that have broken the 1899 record for seasonal snowfall in the District, Georgetown University has canceled classes at its campuses for a fourth consecutive day. In addition to preventing faculty and staff from safely reaching campus, the most recent blizzard has disrupted food deliveries and frustrated professors’ lesson plans. In an e-mail to the Voice, Provost James O’Donnell explained the University has been discussing potential closures with faculty every day, and that every day there are a few faculty who are in favor of keeping school open. But the general consensus has typically been in favor of closing the University, especially at the beginning of the week.

LGBTQ Center brings alumni back to the Hilltop

LGBTQ Center brings alumni back to the Hilltop


When Georgetown’s LGBTQ community won their decades-long battle for a resource center in fall 2007, the biggest beneficiaries were expected to be current LGBTQ students. But according to LGBTQ Resource Center Director Sivagami Subbaraman, even greater success has centered around alumni.

Growing Pains: The University’s plan to expand and the neighbors’ struggle to stop it


On Tuesday in Copley Formal Lounge, the architects of Georgetown University’s 2010 Campus Plan presented to the campus community the tentative blueprint for the next decade of the University’s development. The presentation was attended by about 20 staff and faculty, and hosted by five top University administrators. Halfway through the presentation, only two students were in the audience.

The internet brings schools to Africa


Whenever people talk about how modern electronics and the internet have transformed communication, I find you can count on them to use the word “disconnected” as sure as they will use the word “revolutionized.” It’s been my experience that almost everyone fears on some level that new technology is sucking the humanity out of each…

What’s a Hoya? Jack DeGioia


At 9:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning early last April, seventeen Georgetown students gathered in the ornate Hall of Cardinals on the Healy Building’s second floor for an intimate meeting with a man whom most of their peers had only ever seen from a distance. Following greetings from an uncomfortable-looking Daniel Porterfield (COL ‘83), Georgetown’s vice president for strategic affairs, the students—representing campus groups dismayed by the content of The Hoya’s recent April Fools’ Issue—sat down and waited to be joined by the man they were there to see, Georgetown University President John DeGioia.

Stop minimizing sexual assault


This past March, a friend of mine was raped. The rapist was a student who she knew through a small extracurricular group at her college; she had been hooking up with him for the past few weeks. On this particular night, they were in bed, and he kept asking her if they could have sex….

Student passes away in Spain


On Tuesday evening, Arielle DaCosta (COL `11) passed away in Salamanca, Spain, where she was studying abroad for the year, according to an e-mail sent out by Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson. The e-mail, which did not detail the circumstances surrounding her death, said that DaCosta was pronounced dead at Hospital Clinico and…

Breaking the glass ceiling: oysters with the boys


For a grotesque portion of my life, I pushed picky eating to its furthest limits. I refused to eat nearly anything that wasn’t pizza, macaroni, or bread until I was at least into my teens. Now that my eating habits are more normal, my lingering embarrassment for my past as a skinny, stubborn carbophile causes…

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