Nicolo Dona Dalle Rose


Obituary: Remembering the life of Mark Adamsson

It has now been almost three weeks since Mark Adamsson (SFS ‘15) passed away over Spring Break in the Dominican Republic. In the weeks that followed, family, friends, and members... Read more


Scandalous Italian politics must become a thing of the past

We Italians studying in the U.S. are emigrants who have left our country with no fixed date of return. We left looking for a better education and a fresh outlook on life. Unavoidably though, the heart still pounds to the beat of the noise of scooters in the street, the smell of good coffee, and the warmth of our customs. We are not nationalists—we are cultural patriots. Yet, we will probably not be able to vote in the 2013 Italian general election, which will take place starting on Feb. 24, after a dramatic decade of poor administrations and economic stagnation.


Army strong: The lives of Georgetown’s female cadets

“Sometimes I feel like it is a love-hate relationship,” said Chloé Nalbantian (COL ‘15), a cadet in Georgetown’s Army Reserve Officer Training Corps program. To her, even though the camaraderie and team spirit of the squad is rewarding, the ROTC program is a huge physical and psychological commitment. Cadets need to wake up early in the morning for physical training three times a week while still fulfilling the rigorous academic requirements of both the ROTC program and Georgetown University.


Beyond Ahmadinejad: the Iranians’ democratic potential

Gradually through the years, European and American foreign policies have managed to construct a Western vision of Iran that associated the country with the so-called “axis of evil” states and al-Qaeda. But the Iranian government actually desired cooperation with the U.S. on terrorism. However, the Bush administration did little to foster dialogue. As a result, hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was elected President in 2005, ushering in an era of renewed anti-Americanism.