Parker Houston

Parker is the former podcast editor for the Voice. He also wonders how we can trust self-driving cars if Google captcha can't determine what a street sign is.

Basketball Preview

2016-2017 Men’s Basketball Big East Preview

Villanova:  Jay Wright (16th year, 354-157 record, 11 NCAA appearances, 2 Final Four, 1 Title) Player to Watch: Senior Shooting Guard Josh Hart The D.C. native has been the unanimous... Read more

Halftime Sports

The Sports Sermon: NBA Season Preview

On this episode of The Sports Sermon, host Jon Block lets the Voice‘s NBA experts (Tyler Pearre, Jonny Amon, and Parker Houston) discuss changes and predictions for the upcoming season.

Halftime Sports

The Sports Sermon: State of U.S. Pro Sports

On this episode of The Sports Sermon, Jon Block, Chris Dunn, Nick Gavio, and Parker Houston discuss the state of the five biggest pro sports in the U.S., discussing the popularity... Read more


Critical Voices: Danny Brown, Atrocity Exhibition

When music reviewers talk about genre-blending, they most often mean the seamless incorporation of one genre into another.  Projects like Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly from last year exemplify... Read more


Halftime NBA Draft Preview: Ben Simmons Scouting Report

Welcome to Halftime’s preview of the 2016 NBA Draft, where our writers will be analyzing the players and teams that will headline this summer’s selection process.    Strengths: Where to start with this guy?... Read more