Sabrina Kayser


Voltaggio’s boxed lunches infuse suburbia with hipster pretense

Walk in, and a metal bucket might fall on your head. Walk out, and you are engulfed by the hypnotic hum of the American shopping experience. This is Lunchbox, restaurateur... Read more


The Importance of Being Earnest: Modern Authenticity

  As the world becomes increasingly populated, it simultaneously becomes increasingly competitive. The college admissions process is a kind of funnel for this competitiveness, a checkpoint through which only a... Read more


Speculative forms: creates conjecture

Each of us looks at the world through our own filter, constructed by our own thoughts and emotions. It matters that you are the one in front of the art—that... Read more


Eating Out: Fine dining at the waterfront

We all harp on how much we hate Leo’s. It’s just a fact of Georgetown life. Though it is not “home-cooked,” Leo’s can offer some foods that you would otherwise... Read more


Eating Out: Doing it in the dark

I slowly bring my hand closer to my mouth, where it pauses, suspended in midair for an eternity. “I can’t,” I say, abruptly pushing away, appeasing my gag reflex. The... Read more


Eating Out: The importance of being cultured

As an SFS student, I pride myself on my perceived cultural sensitivity and awareness. Having grown up in a multicultural household, I was always the one who brought “weird” food... Read more


Eating Out: Life is like a box of chocolates

Did you forget to make reservations for you and your boo this Valentine’s Day? Go homemade instead—and add a little spice to your romantic dinner with some natural aphrodisiacs.  ... Read more


Eating Out: Tapas: The Spanish incuisition

It’s 1993, and it’s the night of Bill Clinton’s inauguration. You and some pals are strolling, looking for any late night grub other than a horribly smoky, cholesterol and wrinkly... Read more


Eating Out: Slow and steady eating

“It’s ze power of ze chocolat, no?” the French stranger asked me. I had just dropped a heavy jar of chocolate spread on the table with a massive clatter, and... Read more


Forget Lululemon, Smithsonian’s yoga exhibit makes you stretch

Sounds become muffled and a silence descends as you walk down the stairs at the Smithsonian’s Sackler Gallery and enter Yoga: The Art of Transformation. Glowing chakras on the floor form a winding path that beckons you in to wander through the art.