Sabrina Kayser


Eclectic plates meet antique porcelain

As you enter Rose’s Luxury, a gilded velvet curtain is drawn aside to create a partition closing off the outside world. The hostess station showcases both a laptop and a bright red 1950s-era dial phone, but somehow the two work together harmoniously. An old mirror reflects the people eating in the dining area.


These tapas ain’t free

At Barcelona Wine Bar, a bull’s head hangs on the wall, flames roar in the open kitchen, and rows upon rows of glistening wine glasses create a curtain of reflecting light. Rough exposed wood panel line the interior, and a wall of glass looks out onto the patio where a fire is burning in the open oven. The tables are small and modern, maintaining a touch a tradition in their wooden look, but creating a sense of openness with sharp angles and minimalistic wrought-iron legs. While the wood is dark and earthy, the glass wall and high black ceiling open up the rest of the space to create a grounded, harmonious balance between the light and the heavy, the earthy and the spacious. Every aspect of the place is perfectly poised.


Warhol brings whirlwind to Rosslyn

Andy Warhol’s Silver Clouds takes you to a dreamland where your cares are lifted into the stratosphere amid the gentle roar of distant fireworks. Lost in the euphoria of unanticipated joy, visitors to the Rossyln Artisphere’s exhibit have a chance to experience a literal cloud nine in the center of a balloon whirlwind.