Sarah Harman


Off of the Prairie, into D.C.

Though Fratelli la Bufala (loosely translated as Buffalo Brothers) is best known for its Buffalo meat dishes and buffalo milk mozzarella, the scent of sweet cheese won’t be the first... Read more


Cactus and Pretzel in stereo

If Serge Gainsbourg and Nena (of “99 Luftballons” fame) had a love child, and he grew up as latchkey kid in 1980s Berlin, there’s a good chance that kid would... Read more


An open letter from the Hoya Court Sparrow

To all those who watch, feed, coo over, or otherwise encourage the black squirrels on Healy Lawn, Please stop. Those stupid squirrels are nothing but furry attention whores. Don’t even... Read more


Trippin’: Delawhere?

If watching your roommates pack snorkels and bikinis has left you wishing you’d booked something other than a last-ditch trip to New York on the Chinatown bus, take heart. You... Read more


Spring Fashion 2009: Recession Rustic

This spring, fashion goes back to basics with clean lines and bright, cheerful colors. Think Recession Rustic (never mind that the jacket costs $500)-it's the spirit of low-key simplicity that counts. Glitzy jewels and fussy florals are out, and playful, down-home ensembles are in. Get your inspiration from all-day breakfasts, petting farms, and good clean fun for a fresh-scrubbed look that's one part Lolita, two parts Punky Brewster. For him, basic denim gets a twist when overalls and cut-offs are accented with chunky hardware. Mix and match your favorites from last season for a fresh, playful mix. As for accessories, think workman's wear: those sturdy boots are great for muddy spring days. For her, pull-on dresses and one-pieces herald a return to kindergarten chic, and unlike previous seasons, there's no one silhouette. Structured pieces like blazers and belts balance flowing tops and are accented by splashes of color and bold accessories. Natural fabrics, like fresh cotton shirts or oh-so-supple leather jackets, reign. Sunny days may still be miles away, but bright colors pop even better against gray skies!


Indie scene embraces Watson Twins’ Americana

The last time I saw the Watson Twins, they were playing on Letterman with former Rilo Kiley singer Jenny Lewis promoting their album, Rabbit Fur Coat. Identical twins Chandra and... Read more


Engaging theatre

For all the drama kids who can’t get no play, the Folger Center has come up with an innovative way to get your bard on with ENGAGE, a new discount... Read more


Cookin’ up some comfort

If complicated culinary concepts like “pancakes” and “tuna melt” give you a headache, you’ll appreciate the huge, full color pictures that adorn every other page of George Duran’s new cook... Read more


Cheap date: Valentine’s Day on the hilltop

For an ant mound populated by 12,000 20-somethings, Georgetown has a startling lack of PDA. Maybe that’s a good thing (do you really want to see the kids from model... Read more


Books for the indigent

Now that everyone is poor, recessionistas have discovered something cheapskates have known about for a long time: libraries. Even Carrie Bradshaw saw fit to snuggle up with a library book... Read more