Shira Hecht


Scratch that Itch

Bruce Norris’s The Pain and the Itch is a tricky piece of dramatic machinery. Its structure is carefully convoluted, painstakingly difficult, and yet, by the end, complete and exact.


The R Word: Recession or Revival?

One day it was there, the next—gone. An empty storefront on Wisconsin Avenue is all that remains of Sugar, a Georgetown boutique that once sold women’s clothes and jewelry.


One Act Festival celebrates campus theater

Georgetown’s theater scene can be a little insular. Even the theater kids admit it—the different performance groups tend be exclusive, all the plays feature the same actors, and a lot of the theater kids hang out with each other. And so the average Hoya could be forgiven for not realizing that Georgetown theater is blowing up.


Pizza, “il” advised

Upperclassmen will fondly remember 1063 31st Street NW as the location of The Alamo, a terrible Mexican-ish restaurant that did not card, where freshmen without fake IDs could order expensive margaritas and run into hallmates from Darnall who were drunk on Coronas and stuffed with mediocre tortilla chips.


Cera-iously twee

Nick is lonely, lovelorn, awkward, and very much a virgin. When his mother and her boyfriend take him on vacation, he falls desperately for Sheeni Saunders (Portia Doubleday), a girl who lives with her very Christian parents...


Caroline’s changes fall too short

It is hard to talk about Caroline, or Change—Tony Kushner’s frustrating, engrossing musical, currently in production at the Gonda Theater—without talking about writing. The play, which is described as “semi-autobiographical,”... Read more


One man’s Exit is another man’s entrance

At No Exit, everything is done well, nothing seems out of place, and the effect works. Audience members walk through an impeccably decorated antechamber, creepy and Halloween-appropriate in red and... Read more


A lot of hard work clearly went into Getting Out, Georgetown theater’s first main production of the year. Premiering only a few weeks after casting, and featuring many newbies in... Read more


It’s raining food, hallelujah, it’s raining food

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, the feature-film directing debut by How I Met Your Mother’s executive producers, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, faces a problem of articulation.


Critical Voices: Why? – Eskimo Snow

Why?, the indie/folk/hip-hop “project” of Jonathan “Yoni” Wolf, an Orthodox Jewish backpack rapper from suburban Ohio, makes music that is harder to describe than the man himself. The closest musical... Read more