Stephano Medina

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In Between

They were blocks of homes and hardware stores, each a different shade of the same rust and brick. Sidewalks glistened with the morning’s rain and shallow gutters were aspiring to mirrors. The road ended at 36th Street three miles down, far past the attention and eyes of anybody worth a walking damn.


Quality: Unknown

In this country and this city, homelessness is an accepted feature of the urban landscape. We walk past it, clumsily hand it our change, and continue on. In our classrooms... Read more


Fellini in Rimini

Federico Fellini is one of those directors—the kind whose name gets tossed around cocktail parties and chic uniplexes. But anyone who’s managed to sit through one of his rather long... Read more


Presidential cuckoldry

Some films make an obvious attempt to fit a certain niche. For example, Dead Poets Society fits the coming-of-age, young intellectual mold. An American Affair, on the other hand, tries... Read more


Mirth and murder in Pillowman

Georgetown’s Nomadic Theater has been described as the most socially conscious of the University’s co-curricular theater troupes. Admirable as such sentiments may be, when overbearingly conveyed, they can easily obstruct... Read more


Muppets take over the International Gallery of Art

Jim Henson’s Fantastical World lies three levels below the unassuming dome of the Smithsonian’s International Gallery of Art. To enter the exhibit, you must walk past two or three dimly lit galleries and through a colored hall, its walls embossed with phrases like, “The only rule is that there are no rules.”