Tae Jung Choi


Gone Baby Gone finds success

I went into Ben Affleck’s directorial debut Gone Baby Gone hoping that it wouldn’t be too terrible. I left the theater doubting everything I knew about the man.


Lust, Caution heats up screen

When the producers of Lust, Caution confronted director Ang Lee about his film’s NC-17 rating, he refused to take out any scenes. Directors know that such a rating can be a death sentence at the box office, but Lee’s decision was justified; the sex scenes make the film, adding not only the right tone but the right emotions to elevate the film from just another thriller to a study in lust and power.


This Asian doesn’t have an accent

I wish I had a Korean accent. Not to get women, because that takes a European accent. Besides, if I really did have a Korean accent, the last thing I would be is attractive. Have you ever seen someone from mainland Korea order a ham-bag-gah at McDonald’s? Not so attractive.


Fixer Clayton needs fixing

Confusion in a film can create suspense, serve as a plot device or even develop a character, but the biggest problem with Michael Clayton is that it is just plain confusing.


Eastern Promises bares heart, soul and Viggo

A man getting a haircut has his throat slit and a teenager hemorrhages as she gives birth. While the first five minutes of the film are intense, David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises is to Russian mob movies what Wes Anderson’s Royal Tenenbaums is to the family comedy: the emphasis is on character development, not genre tropes.


Film festival not short on inspiration

In an industry dominated by big budget sequels and tabloid stars, the D.C. Shorts Film Festival gives aspiring independent filmmakers hope to find not only an audience but also a venue that encourages collaboration and communication. Unconcerned with press or big names, the festival focuses about the artistic quality of the films and helps deserving directors with grants for future work.

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