Tim Shine


Sims and Clark bid farewell at banquet

“We’re going to be good,” Thompson III confidently stated. “I wish we could start practice tomorrow.”


Double Teamed: The forgotten Hoyas

The NBA is the brass ring that every college player reaches for, and like Clark and Sims, every one of those former Hoyas did everything he could to attract an NBA suitor before heading overseas.


God Mode: Gaming the system

I have a quest I need to complete. It’s a bit of a grind, but if I finish it I’ll get enough experience points to level up. All I have to do is run two miles, do 40 push-ups, and then complete 100 crunches. In real life.


Double Teamed: Hollis loss to pros expected

This column was supposed to be about which athlete owns the nickname “The Shark” (obviously, it’s former Ohio State basketball walk-on Mark Titus), but then Hollis Thompson declared for the NBA Draft on Tuesday, moving HoyaTalk to DEFCON 1 and officially kicking off the traditional early spring hand-wringing over the state of Georgetown’s roster.


Carrying On: Georgetown Day letdown

Earlier this week, The Hoya broke the news that Georgetown Day would be scaled back this year, due to a delay in planning caused by “a lack of student interest” this past fall. Of course, “lack of student interest” and “Georgetown Day” aren’t phrases you commonly find in the same sentence, and sure enough, Vox Populi editor Jackson Perry shed a little more light on what happened to Georgetown’s annual end of the year celebration in a blog post.


God Mode: Gamers of the world, unite!

Over the past few months, my housemates and assorted visitors have spent an inordinate amount of time playing video games. Sadly and unsurprisingly, I don’t have much to show for it, save one semi-profound realization. I’ve discovered the secret to great multiplayer game design—socialism.


Hoyas comeback bid falls short against North Carolina State

Georgetown finally broke out of their NCAA Tournament slump on Friday, but that win was only a mild reprieve from the Hoyas’ postseason woes. Poor shooting and foul trouble doomed the Hoyas on Sunday, who lost to a double-digit seed for the third year in a row.


Clark leads Hoyas to first NCAA Tournament victory since 2008

It took four years, but Georgetown is once again advancing in the NCAA Tournament. Jason Clark ensured that he wouldn't graduate without an NCAA victory, scoring 21 points to lead the Hoyas to a 74-59 victory over Belmont.


Double Teamed: Parity for Hoyas in NCAAs

After Ohio and VCU, I’m well aware that Belmont could win. They could, but they shouldn’t, because Georgetown is very good at stopping teams from doing the things Belmont is good at. It’s not as reassuring as predicting a win, but at least I can take solace in that.


God Mode: Study geometry with Hexagon

A few days ago, I was studying for a midterm, which obviously meant I was looking for anything to do other than study for my midterm. The Internet, as always, provided. Through my haphazard blog-reading and link-clicking I eventually arrived at the Flash-based game Hexagon, made by the appropriately titled Distractionware. In five seconds I knew I wasn’t studying any time soon.