Will Sommer


Gaming for a girl

The Who Wants to be a Millionaire? song used to mean so much to America. The lights went down, Regis Philbin spun in his chair, and we were thrilled by the beginnings of reality TV. Most of all, though, the song heralded promise-the promise that by spending an hour in Philbin's spaceship of a studio, a regular person could use luck and determination to win a whole lot of money. Slumdog Millionaire, a movie based around the Indian version of the show, asks us to believe in that innocent hope-and a whole lot more.


The juice on Juicy Campus

“You are part of a generation that is constantly having its privacy eroded,” Matt Ivester, the founder of JuicyCampus.com, told students on Tuesday night.  The speech, which was inspired by... Read more


Myth, Moonwalking, and the Mississippi

Black Theater Ensemble’s … And Jesus Moonwalks the Mississippi sounds like a bait-and-switch, drawing people in with a whimsical title that turns out to be a metaphor. But there really is a Jesus, and he does moonwalk the river in light-up Chuck Taylors. It doesn’t make much sense, but then again neither does the play. Luckily, both are worth seeing anyway.


GU to get Google Mail

Two years after Google unveiled Google Apps for Education, Georgetown’s University Information Services has decided to implement the service which will replace the University-run GUMail.


Bovine burglary

A bronze sculpture of a bull’s head worth $25,000 that was stolen from a Georgetown house has been returned, according the Metropolitan Police Department.


Is City Paper Dying or Just Growing Up slideshow

This slideshow accompanies “Is the City Paper Dying or Just Growing Up,” a cover story about changes at Washington’s City Paper.


Los Cuates: not the spice of life

Los Cuates isn’t a bad Mexican restaurant. But it’s just average, and in a city with so many options for dining out, average is worth about as much as Los Cuates’ barely-passable salsa.


Townhouse Transformation

Georgetown University is turning the 1400 block of 36th street into a collection of Living and Learning communities called Magis Row. About 40 students attended an informational meeting about the new community on Tuesday.


Just one more night in Bangkok

“The work is steady, the money’s good, but it’s not for everyone,” says Nicolas Cage’s assassin Joe at the beginning of Bangkok Dangerous. He’s describing his globe-trotting, gangster-murdering job, but he could just as easily be describing Cage’s career. The actor has delivered reliably decent performances in action movies for years, sometimes giving the impression that he worked harder on a single scene than the screenwriter did for the whole movie.


Campus mourns Davis

Georgetown students and faculty held two services yesterday for Terrance Davis (COL ‘10), who went missing on Monday after a giant wave knocked him into the ocean in Harkerville, South Africa.