Will Sommer


Pittsburgh tags campus

University of Pittsburgh fans vandalized a street sign between the Leavey Center and the Reiss Science Building before last weekend’s Georgetown-Pitt basketball game. The Hoya Saxa sign on Canal Road was also spray painted with Pitt graffitti.


The woes of Western Sahara

In the vast expanse of the Algerian desert, a hundred thousand refugees from the Western Sahara languish because of Moroccan imperialism. Exiled from their homeland 31 years ago, they wait while the international community averts its eyes from their travesty. As human rights abuses increase inside occupied Western Sahara and a food shortage in the Algerian camps becomes critical, the Western Saharan people need self-determination more than ever before.


Three D.C. women killed by buses, drivers will face new training

Metro buses killed three people last week, prompting the Metro Area Transit Authority to institute a retraining program for all drivers.


Saxa Politica: Sex and the University Health Center

Georgetown’s Student Health Center can irrigate your ear, freeze your warts, or remove your ingrown toe nails. But when it comes to a more pressing concern for the student body—sexually transmitted diseases—the Center is sadly lacking.


Park problems

An influential Georgetown citizen is protesting the plans for the new Georgetown Waterfront Park, located at the intersection of K Street and Wisconsin. The new park is being designed by the National Park Service and the National Park Foundation, according to Sally Blumenthal of the National Park Service.


More prep girls

Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School’s proposal to increase enrollment will go before the Board of Zoning Adjustment on Tuesday for final approval.


Saxa Politica: Ms. President

One thing was guaranteed in Tuesday’s Student Association executive elections: the winners had to have Y chromosomes. None of this year’s four tickets featured a woman candidate, denying voters a varied slate and failing to represent the female half of the University’s population.


Student ANC rep reverses vote

Georgetown’s student representative on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission reversed her vote on Tuesday night, deciding to oppose a measure she originally co-wrote which would have encouraged the University to extend its one-keg-per-party rule to off-campus residences. The resolution passed unanimously at a Commission meeting last week.


Keg limit may go off campus

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission’s student representative introduced a resolution on Tuesday night recommending that the University extend its new one keg-per-party rule for campus residences to off-campus townhouses.


Freeway fight

Proponents of tearing down the Whitehurst Freeway scored a victory this month when the Georgetown Business Association voted to support plans to remove the road.