Hilltop Horror

Tune in biweekly for analyses of your favorite horror movies and recommendations from people who distract themselves from the terror of life at Georgetown by watching literal horror.


Hilltop Horror Episode 4: CGI vs. Practical Effects – Which is Scarier?

What makes a movie scary? Lucy and Elspeth discuss how different movies use practical effects and CGI, as well as which movies were deemed “Scariest of All Time” by Rotten... Read more


Hilltop Horror: Censorship

In this episode, Lucy and Elspeth discuss censorship of horror movies over the last 100 years, from the start of the Hayes Code in the 1930s to the ban of... Read more


Hilltop Horror: How accurate was the Exorcist?

How accurate was the exorcist? Tune in to hear Lucy and Elspeth discuss the original possession that inspired the iconic 1973 horror film, contemplate the presence of the paranormal, and... Read more


Hilltop Horror: The Cultural Impact of American Horror

In Hilltop Horror, Lucy Collins (CAS ‘26) and Elspeth Campbell (CAS ‘26) dive into the history, social context, and cultural impact of genre films from Alfred Hitchcock to Jordan Peele.... Read more