Rant Your Heart Out, Georgetown!

Come listen with me, Kate, as I exclaim and gasp over a new topic every other week! With an ever-changing line-up of guests who are super excited to tell us something, the common denominator in Rant Your Heart Out, Georgetown is pure passion. From art history micro-details to true crime to funny stories, RYHO is educational, funny, and gives you an out from having to hear about your friend’s current fixation for the third time. Do you have a topic you want to monologue about? Email kec265@georgetown.edu and get ready to Rant Your Heart Out!


Don’t Feel Guilty About Your Pleasures

Join Kate and her special guest (read: roommate) Andrew Molinari to rant about their own guilty pleasures (and how they shouldn’t feel guilty!). Today’s rant includes tangents on Walt Whitman,... Read more


Urinals Can Be Art Too!

In this episode of RYHO, Kate rants to herself about what defines “Art.” This rant includes tangents into an exhibit of invisible art, the overratedness of the Mona Lisa, a... Read more