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Drake isn’t past his prime, but he’s certainly acting like it

Put simply, listening to Dogs feels like watching Drake go through a midlife crisis in real time.


Bad Bunny’s “World’s Hottest Tour” is the perfect summer send-off

Bad Bunny transported concert-goers to the beaches of Puerto Rico and gave D.C. a much-needed opportunity to let loose and say goodbye to summer.  


House music is back, with credit to its roots

From hip-hop to hyperpop, music’s biggest names are playing with house music, a genre born in the gay clubs of Chicago and New York.

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Bad Bunny’s Third-Annual Valentine’s Day Video Proves His Artistic Growth

“Ignorantes” marks the third single by Bad Bunny—the stage name of the highly eclectic and popular Puerto Rican trap and reggaeton star, Benito Martinez—for his upcoming album, and his first... Read more