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Disengaged District: A History of D.C. Sports

Ed Cole remembers January 30, 1983. He remembers grocery stores in his suburb closing early. He remembers sitting with his in-laws around a television. He remembers excitedly thrusting his fist... Read more

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The Cavs are Coming

For much of this season, it looked like Cleveland was miles away from putting everything together, and that made sense to the skeptics. All of the causes for hype that... Read more

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A Warm Washington Reception

Over the last two decades, it’s been rare to see a team in the nation’s capital win. Recently, the Nationals have been winning, at least until October. But now, management... Read more

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Christian McBride Trio captivates at Bohemian Caverns

Christian McBride is imposing in every sense of the word. Standing almost as tall as his instrument, the bass player, planted in the center of U Street’s Bohemian Caverns in... Read more

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Gotham Presents a Fresh Origin Story

Over the last decade, comic book heroes have found their home on the silver screen. While Marvel has created an empire in movie theaters, DC Comics has carved out a... Read more

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Welcome to Halftime

From left to right, Daniel Varghese (Senior Leisure Editor), Chris Castano (Senior Sports Editor), Chris Almeida (Editor-in-Chief) Hey there, thanks for visiting. This wonderful section of the internet is Halftime,... Read more