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So You Think You Can Cry

Hopefully, SYTYCD will return with a more authentic, dance-centered rebrand that uplifts and supports its dancers.

Halftime Leisure

Holey Moley: How I learned to stop worrying and love mini-golf

I am a terrible golfer. Granted, I’ve only ever been golfing one time and gave up halfway through, but rest assured, I was awful. Then mini-golf entered my life—a game... Read more

Halftime Leisure

The Big Flower Fight is a fantastic, floral, frenzy

At first glance, The Big Flower Fight seems like a niche spin-off of the famed The Great British Baking Show; after all, every single person on the planet has a... Read more


The Great Pottery Throw Down: An Unexpectedly Delightful Competition

I have never felt such mingled fear and excitement from a TV show in my life. But after watching the season 3 premiere of The Great Pottery Throw Down, I... Read more