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The Reel Pulpit: Boldly Going for 50 Years

Cinema has depicted many legendary showdowns: Batman vs. Superman, Alien vs. Predator, Freddy vs. Jason, Iron Man vs. Captain America. However, in an age when cinema-goers clamor for the next... Read more

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The Reel Pulpit: How Stranger Things Won The Summer

The best film of the summer was eight hours long, was not released in theaters, and only starred one notable actress. It did not contain any huge action set-pieces, or... Read more

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Doctor Who: Doctor, Davros, and a Dalek

Series premieres have always been a strength for Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat. Moffat rises to the occasion to produce some of his strongest episodes, especially series five’s The Eleventh... Read more


Franchise: Impossible: the longevity of Cruise’s spy-action films

At 53, despite a torrid personal life and a questionable belief system, Tom Cruise has once again proven that he is one of the best leading men in Hollywood. Mission... Read more

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Season 3 of House of Cards Rises to the Top

Everyone’s favorite murdering, conniving, scheming, lying, and manipulating politician is back! Netflix’s hit series House of Cards released its third season on Friday, February 27th. After two seasons of political... Read more


Why Interstellar  Should Have Been Nominated For Best Picture

For many Christopher Nolan fans (or, as they prefer, “Nolanites”), the man can do no wrong. After all, Nolan is an oddity in contemporary Hollywood; he eschews using any forms... Read more

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The Top 10 Movies of 2014

2014 has been quite the exciting year for Hollywood. While box office receipts are down from 2013, movie-goers enjoyed a rare coupling of blockbusters that were both critically acclaimed and... Read more

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One Comparison to Rule them All

Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy is considered one of the greatest cinematic feats in Hollywood’s history. Jackson somehow took one sprawling, epic and practically unfilmable story and transformed... Read more

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Doctor Who Ramps Up To An Exciting Finale

In the age of the Internet, it’s tough to pull off a legitimately surprising plot twist. Everything that writers try to hide from audiences will eventually get revealed, whether it’s... Read more

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Breaking Hollywood’s Glass Ceiling

The Bechdel Test was concocted by the eponymous Alison Bechdel as a method for determining how well a film represents female characters. Bechdel was a cartoonist who originally came up... Read more

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The Rise of the Shared Universe

The world of the blockbuster was turned upside-down this past week. First came the announcement that Robert Downey, Jr. would be joining Chris Evans in Captain America 3 to kick... Read more

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Is TV Better than Movies?

It’s a great time to be an avid fan of television. We live in a golden age of TV, where you can throw a stone and hit at least three... Read more

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Latest Who, "Kill the Moon," Tries a Little Too Hard

Doctor Who has proven in the past that it can be a scary show. Despite its origin as a program for children, the show has evolved significantly over the course... Read more

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CGI: Computer Generated Indifference?

American cinema has always been defined by its ability to innovate. Westworld, a small sci-fi movie released in 1973 starring Yul Brynner, changed the way movies would be made forever.... Read more

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Latest Doctor Who Successfully Draws on Roots

Following last week’s rather unconventional Listen, it was probably a smart thing for Who-showrunner Stephen Moffat to return the series to its more formulaic roots. Time Heist, written by longtime... Read more

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Latest Doctor Who is Refreshing

If there’s one thing Whovians know about longtime Doctor Who showrunner Stephen Moffat, it’s that he loves a good, scary twist. It started early in his career, with villains like... Read more

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Latest Doctor Who is a Pleasure

The third episode of Season Eight of Doctor Who, The Robots of Sherwood, pits one English legend against another. It’s a lighthearted romp penned by longtime Who and Sherlock scribe... Read more