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Trap-pop artist Ashnikko explores different music styles in her new mixtape, Demidevil

Ashnikko’s new mixtape, Demidevil, brings her trademark bad bitch attitude while also delving into softer styles. Although promising, if you expect all hard-hitters, most songs won’t deliver. However, the less... Read more

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Critical Voices: Drake, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

2pac released All Eyez on Me after his first big break. Biggie dropped Ready to Die after a round of first hit singles. Successful rappers, much like Han Dynasty emperors,... Read more

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Critical Voices: Kehlani, Cloud 19

The 19-year-old Bay Area native, Kehlani Parrish, has taken R&B to a new level with the release of her first mixtape, Cloud 19, this past August. On the outside Kehlani... Read more