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MLK Jr. Library exhibit explores D.C.’s Black feminist history

The MLK Library’s exhibit weaves an intricate, illuminating tapestry of D.C.’s Black feminist history, and it leaves a profound impression.


National Portrait Gallery’s Kinship provides a reflective glimpse into our closest relationships

Featuring eight contemporary artists, Kinship depicts the complexities of human relationships through various media.


Ai Yo!: Jenny Wu’s exhibit brings new energy to Morton Fine Art

Wu’s creative combination of painting and sculpture makes her work quite the treat to see in person.


One With Eternity brings Kusama’s polka-dotted vision of “self-obliteration” to the Hirshhorn

Kusama imposes a dissolution of the self upon the experiencer through her multidimensional works, as one feels like they are being absorbed and incorporated into the art.


National Gallery Nights conclude with a celebration of America’s rich artistic culture

This final event was Americana themed and celebrated the American cultural experience through art and live performances.


The Rubell Museum DC offers an impressive yet incohesive inaugural exhibition

The Rubell Museum DC opened to the public on Oct. 29 with the inaugural exhibitions Sylvia Snowden and What’s Going On. 

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Benoy Behl and the Art of Buddhism

From the moment I entered the Benoy Behl art exhibit, I was mesmerized by the colorful contrast of eye-catching art pieces that lined the stark white exhibit walls. The photographs... Read more