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Members of the Georgetown community push back on Republican senators’ proposed anti-vaccine mandate for D.C. public schools

Sens. Ted Cruz and Marsha Blackburn have introduced a bill to repeal D.C. public school's vaccine mandate, to the protest of many.


GU Politics looks back on the Republican Party’s transformation

The Georgetown University Institute of Politics and Public Service hosted its first Political Pageturners Event on Sept. 15 to discuss the Republican Party’s ideological transformation under President Donald Trump and... Read more


Hold Republicans accountable for government shutdown

On Dec. 22, 2018, parts of the federal government shut down after Congress and President Donald Trump could not agree on a budget for a wall at the southern border.... Read more


Tax Plan Shifts Burden Unfairly

In the past two weeks, Republicans in both the House of Representatives and the Senate released their respective proposals to overhaul the United States’ tax code. The versions have minor... Read more


Republicans: Think before slashing student aid

Last week, Republicans in the House of Representatives released a budget memo for fiscal year 2016 that includes a freeze on the maximum amount of federal financial aid that a... Read more