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She Runs The World: Jenn Wiggins on Engaging Minority Voices on Sexual Assault

On this episode of She Runs The World, Kaei Li, Emily Jaster, and Sienna Brancato sit down with Jenn Wiggins of Health Education Services to talk about how to open up campus... Read more


She Runs the World: Kate McNamara on International Politics

In this episode of She Runs the World, Professor Kate McNamara joins Kaei Li and Emily Jaster to discuss recent developments in domestic and international politics. Dr. McNamara served as... Read more


She Runs the World: Laura Cutway on Campus Rape Culture

Welcome to She Runs the World, the Voice‘s podcast on women’s issues in various professional fields. In this episode, hosts Kaei Li and Emily Jaster talk with Laura Cutway, Georgetown’s Title... Read more