Articles tagged: South Asian Society


Penn Masala and Student Groups Light Up the Stage at Gaston Hall

The South Asian student organizations of Georgetown, George Washington University, and American University hosted Penn Masala and various South Asian student dance groups at Gaston Hall in front of a... Read more


Acclaimed Indian dancer speaks about LGBT issues

Mesma Belsaré, an acclaimed Indian singer, dancer, artist, and transgender LGBTQ+ activist, spoke with Georgetown students about her creative process on Oct. 10. The event was co-sponsored by the LGBTQ... Read more


Hasan Minhaj Discusses Diversity, Career in Gaston Hall

Hasan Minhaj fielded questions about his comedy, political commentary, and his Indian, Muslim, and immigrant background in a panel discussion before a sold out Gaston Hall on March 28.  Minhaj... Read more


Where to draw the line: Cultural groups on campus create an atmosphere of exclusion

On a campus commended for attracting students from all corners of the world, it comes as no surprise that Georgetown sustains an assortment of cultural clubs.  At the beginning of... Read more