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In a new age of player empowerment in college basketball, is unionization on the horizon?

Every year thousands of young athletes don uniforms bearing the name of their university in pursuit of higher education or, for the select few, a professional sports career. The hours... Read more


Hoyas need to huddle: Bringing back a culture of sports to the Hilltop

At the University of Arkansas, the electricity of rumbling bleachers rattles your heart as you look out at a sea of red, thousands of fingers waving intensely in the air.... Read more

Halftime Sports

How the NCAA is attempting to rein in the chaos of the transfer portal

“Let’s not make a mistake: We have free agency in college football.”  Lane Kiffin, the head football coach at Ole Miss, famously uttered those words to describe the massive shift... Read more


COVID-19 cases surge amid influx of students in Georgetown

The first few weeks of the spring semester have been marked by a significant uptick in COVID-19 cases as students return to the area.


Georgetown basketball returns to court amid calls for athletes to play

Georgetown basketball teams will return to games this month for the start of the college basketball season on Nov. 25.


Social unrest prompts Georgetown’s first Black student-athlete coalition

As a wave of protests against police brutality and racial injustice continue and Georgetown grapples with instances of racism on its own campus, Georgetown Black student-athletes have virtually united through... Read more


Level the Playing Field for College Athletes

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) was founded under a different name in 1906. Its goal was to “protect young people from the dangerous and exploitative athletic practices of the... Read more


‘One-and-Done’ Rule Hurts Student-Athletes

When the Philadelphia 76ers selected Markelle Fultz with the first round pick in the 2017 NBA Draft this summer, they did so after the 19-year-old played only one year at... Read more


Just Do It: Holding the Swoosh Accountable

Nike has long enjoyed a special type of relationship with Georgetown’s athletics programs. As noted in this week’s feature, titled “In Foul Trouble: Unlacing Georgetown’s Relationship with Nike,” this partnership... Read more