Andrea Ho

Andrea was the Editorial Board Chair for Fall 2023. She is forever honored and grateful to have been a part of the Georgetown Voice.


Jewish students protest House resolution equating anti-Zionism with antisemitism

On Tuesday Dec. 5, Jewish university students organized a rally and press conference in protest of a Congressional hearing on antisemitism.


60th anniversary of March on Washington is a testament to activist determination

Sixty years after Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his renowned “I Have a Dream” speech, almost 75,000 people gathered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to rally for... Read more


Post Pitch: Change Georgetown’s Colors

Welcome back to Post Pitch. This week, join Assistant Podcast Editor Romy Abu-Fadel in her interview with Editorial Board representative Andrea Ho. They discuss this week’s editorial board piece which... Read more


Students hold candlelight vigil to honor Tyre Nichols’ life

Students held a vigil in Red Square on Feb. 5 to honor the life of Tyre Nichols, a Black man who was beaten to death by police last month.


One-person protest in China spurs movement of anti-Xi posters across Georgetown, universities worldwide

A series of anti-Xi Jinping posters around campus in late October called for freedom, dignity, reform, and democracy in China.


Model UN must solve its own problems before it tries to solve the world’s

Model UN inculcates within participants the mentality that the world can be their playground and that people can be their pawns.


Center intersectionality in the pro-choice movement

Failure to emphasize intersectionality weakens the pro-choice movement by leaving marginalized communities feeling overshadowed and discouraged.


How I navigate achievement anxiety, and how you can too

Affixing our worth to achievement is no way to live—our love for ourselves shouldn’t be conditional on societal views of what makes us valuable.


Georgetown basketball returns to court amid calls for athletes to play

Georgetown basketball teams will return to games this month for the start of the college basketball season on Nov. 25.


Humans of Georgetown is back to tell its stories

Previously a dormant Facebook page with minimal activity, Humans of Georgetown is back, and as far as the team is concerned, it is here to stay.