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To build progressive power everywhere, cast your ballot

There is a collective exhaustion around politics. The disillusionment with its ability for true, progressive change is not unfounded—once again, many of us feel forced to choose between two presidential... Read more

Halftime Leisure

If you go down, I’m goin’ down too

Solidarity—standing up for a group you do not belong to and putting your own comfort aside in the process—is the linchpin to social justice. Historically, however, celebrities have dropped the... Read more


It’s time we reconstruct our view of protests

“Constructive” protests are generally nonviolent and informative to the other side, with the hope that people who previously disagreed with you will come to see your cause and make concessions. If a protest doesn’t meet these goals and expectations, however, it is often written off altogether, deemed instead “unconstructive,” “unhelpful to the cause,” or in the extremes even labeled as “riots.”