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QUIZ: Can’t Pick Where To Go on Vacation this Spring Break, Pick a Celebrity!

Contrary to the cornavirus’s attempt to quell travel, this spring break will bring some of the craziest travel adventures of the year. If you’re unsure of where you should jet... Read more


University files amicus brief in opposition to travel ban

Georgetown joined thirty other universities in filing an amicus brief in opposition of President Trump’s recent executive order banning travel from six Muslim-majority countries. An amicus brief is a document... Read more

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HONM: The Twins from Santiago

“Yeah, the bar exam, I need to take that, and then I’ll be ready.” “Ready for what?” “Anything.” Tomás and Filipe are twins many miles from home. Coming from Chile,... Read more

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HONM: College Roadtrip

“It’s not grey— it’s silver!” Emily carries with her a gym bag and a camera, nonchalantly slung across her shoulder. When she smiles for the camera, her cheeks nudge her... Read more

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The Weekly List: Travel

[8tracks url=” “] Little more than a week stands between Georgetown students and their Thanksgiving break, and, yet, the wait feels interminable. Gathering up the strength to haul oneself to... Read more

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Free in DC: Part IV, The Hillwood Museum

Sometimes, you feel the urge to go back in time. Back to the time of grand mansions and artfully kept gardens; the time of opulently shiny wallpaper, pastels, elaborate china,... Read more

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Get Out of Town!

Once midterm season rises and rears its ugly head, it is necessary to remind yourself that there is a world outside of Economics tests and Philosophy papers. For me, this... Read more