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The Weekly List: Travel

November 17, 2014

[8tracks url=”http://8tracks.com/clibre/to-travel “]

Little more than a week stands between Georgetown students and their Thanksgiving break, and, yet, the wait feels interminable. Gathering up the strength to haul oneself to Lau for a final group project meeting or last minute midterm cram session has never seemed more daunting. At this point in the depths of November, I often find that my mind is anywhere but here on campus. I dream of travel—be it to far off lands of study abroad dreams, or to my home and the warmth of my family (and bed).

Some eight days remain before my fellow Hoyas and I will see any travel. In the meantime, however, I present a playlist of wanderlust-inspired songs that may offer some respite from the thick of the pre-Thanksgiving haze. These artists take listeners to “Santa Fe” and “San Francisco,” the “Blue Ridge Mountains” and “Made Up English Oceans.” The musicians encompass a diversity of sounds and styles. The British sisters of The Staves harmonize wistfully, singing of “facing west toward the sea.” Youth Lagoon’s ethereal, lo-fi pop sound backs lyrics telling of a “a spirit in Montana… Oh, what a soul.”

Perhaps nothing quite satisfies wanderlust like travel itself. These travel-invoking songs, however, may just be enough to momentarily transport a listener elsewhere.


“San Francisco” — Foxygen

“Facing West” — The Staves

“Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise” — The Avett Brothers

“Graceland” — Paul Simon

“In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” — Neutral Milk Hotel

“Blue Ridge Mountain” — Hurray for the Riff Raff

“Made Up English Oceans” — Drive-By Truckers

“Santa Fe” — Beirut

“I Follow Rivers” — Lykke Li

“Montana” — Youth Lagoon

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