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From the Editor

The Voice’s Bunn Award winners 2022-2023

The Voice won 13 of the 18 Edward B. Bunn Awards for Journalistic Excellence, which honor the work of student journalists!


An Editorial to The Hoya: We miss you. Let’s get back together.

We can overcome our limitations and challenges if we both acknowledge that we were wrong to judge each other so harshly and move forward with forgiveness in our hearts.


What makes the Voice extraordinary?

Undoubtedly, freshman year of college is as much a journey to find a sense of “home” in a foreign environment as it is anything else. Georgetown can be a mental... Read more


The Voice at 50: Reminiscing with a Voice (1979)

The Voice published its first issue on March 4, 1969. To celebrate, we’re re-publishing pieces about previous Voice anniversaries we’ve found in our archives. Happy birthday to the Voice! By Charles J.X. Kahwaty... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Voice at Landmark: In the Valley Below

Landmark day two was kicked off by the California-based trio In the Valley Below. The band took the stage early this afternoon for the day’sfirst round of concerts. Hailing from... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Landmark Survival Guide

An American music festival can be a scary place. Even if you arrive at the Landmark Music Festival on Saturday or Sunday with a posse of your closest buds, there... Read more


After The Georgetown Voice: 2003

For our last issue and last chance to work together, the graduating seniors at the Voice wanted to take a look at where various Voice alumni are now. From various graduating classes, we found not only journalists, but an attorney and even a professional clown.