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Four Down Territory – QB Blast from the Past

Welcome to Four Down Territory! This is a space where I’ll write about four things in professional sports every Saturday. Whether it’s the four greatest moments or the four worst... Read more


Disengaged District: A History of D.C. Sports

Ed Cole remembers January 30, 1983. He remembers grocery stores in his suburb closing early. He remembers sitting with his in-laws around a television. He remembers excitedly thrusting his fist... Read more

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The NFL Thermostat: Week 4

HOT 1. Steve Smith Sr. The former Carolina Panthers wide receiver promised “blood and guts” if he ever got the opportunity to face the Panthers as a member of the... Read more

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The NFL Thermostat: Week 2

HOT: 1. Washington Redskins: It might seem ridiculous to place a team that just lost its franchise quarterback on the hot list, but realistically, the future of the Redskins looks... Read more

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Double DeSean: Philly’s Loss, D.C.’s Gain

Since the beginning of the Robert Griffin III era, I’d contended that a big time receiver would make the difference between the Redskins being a good team and a great... Read more