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Fall Fashion: Breaking the Fall

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This year, to up the ante for our annual Fall Fashion issue, we returned to the simplicity of the early ‘90s with modern touches and more attitude.

The looks feature more raw materials: cotton, wool, denim, and leather. You won’t find many logos on the clothes. It’s not about being conspicuous; it’s about being comfortable and confident. You don’t need to look glam to look great.

There is enough deconstruction (rolled up cutoffs, ripped off sleeves, upside down jean jackets) in these garments that instead of simply wearing them, you make them work for you. It’s about beauty through function.

So this season, instead of “dressing for success,” dress for yourself

Produced by Nico Dodd

Directed by Antwaun Sargent

Photographed by Lexie Herman

Modeled by Alana Blaylock, Alison Jordan & Arthur  Colker

Styled by Lauren D’Souza, Sooji Kim, Katherine Shabalov & Stefane Victor

Makeup By Neha Ghanshamdas

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  2. OMG! Best fall fashion yet. You guys totally took it to a new level of artistry and professionalism. Congrats. You all did an amazing job!

  3. Good work guys! I love the photo under that tree in the mucky-muck — very nice!

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