Free Unclassifieds

Free Unclassifieds

Power trip: check.

I left my dignity in Dahlgren fountain.

And your bra.

The deal was I run through the fountain, you make out with me. Damn you.

Not the magic formula you expected? Life is like that.

“Serenity Now?”
“No, Sterility now!!”
“The Amish?”
“No, the office!”

Seniors work? Jay isn’t feelin’ it.

Free Unclassifieds

Free Unclassifieds:

Forty little Debbie Cakes.

The volume shall be yay cubits wide, yay cubits deep, and yay cubits high.

You should have seen what I did to your office.

We almost tipped the table over.

The Leavey Center was on fire, but fortunately my pants were not.

Free Unclassifieds

Shazam! Alrightalrightalrightalrightalright! Ted Koppel is one of the beautiful people. Bailey-Wear shorts. Do it, do it. Bonus suggests culottes. Kak-Adopt a pigeon. Everyone here’s doing it. Laura your hair looks beautiful. What’s cooler than bein’ cool? Liquid nitrogen! Submit your unclassifieds to 413 Leavey or Uncommon Grounds or e-mail them to thevoice@georgetown.

Free Unclassifieds

Now I know all the wrong terms, the stumbles and falls brought me here.

Does 27 off-suit make you sick? have you seen the movie Rounders over 20 times? E-mail if you’re down.

-“You didn’t count the compressions!”
-“Bitch, please.”

Delightfully campy.

Free Unclassifieds

Happy Birthday, Judy!

I don’t get many things right the first time
In fact, I’m told that a lot

What the f.

Does 27 off-suit make you sick? Have you seen the movie Rounders over 20 times? E-mail if you’re down.

Godspeed the U.S.

Free Unclassifieds

Four cities, four bases… coincidence?

I don’t want to live at the whim of my tooth.

Bes-It was great to see you. It was really the only thing to do at that point. Keep in touch.

Kak-You better call on Wednesday nights. What will I do without the standing offer for the tracheotomy?

Shoop-a-doop with the stroup-a-doop.

Free Unclassifieds

Attention Georgetown?There are facilities for you to use the bathroom. Please use them. Do not use the tent or the bushes.

I’m sorry, did you not read my voices piece? I’m a great man. Could you find anyone better than me?

You’re awesome, your room is awesome, and your phone is kick ass.

Free Unclassifieds


Dude’s sister can twerk.


Give me three shots and I’ll wear them all night.

William Tucker’s here ??

I don’t know … but I do know this …


Broom, mop and the funny third.


Free Unclassifieds


Thank you for bringing him into my life

Classic rock it, while we have a chance

Only losers CHOOSE to go to foam parties.


Sean … it’s just Jarosch

You Southern girls are disgusting.

Why are you watching me iron?

Don’t give Bonus no lines, and keep your hands to yourself.

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