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February 15, 2001

The Georgetown Voice would like to thank the Hoya for running a classified ad for www.m4m-dc.com. The site, billed as a gay dating service, would be more accurately titled www.dc-gay-sex-right-now.com.

The opening page invites those 18-year old men to enter if they are looking for sex “right now.” Clicking on the link for men from Washington takes you to a page with the pictures of men who are looking for that “tight bottom” or the “hung top” of their dreams. (Did we mention they have pictures too?)

The site is an ideal place for people looking for sex and who don’t want to deal with all the pretensions of AOL and Gay.com. Some of the guys are even hot. All you have to do is hop a cab and hold your breath.

Now while quick and easy sex might be fun, this isn’t the ‘70s and Hoyas have to watch out for the ever present danger of disease. But you went to peer ed, so you already know that. So look at the pretty pictures, chat a little, but make sure that the “muscle jock” you’re inviting over isn’t 65 and carrying a lot more than a big bulge in his pants.

The Voice would like to thank the Hoya for making our Valentine’s day. God knows we needed it.

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