Fun Facts about the hole

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March 15, 2001

Board members at The Georgetown Voice have been suggesting that we cover “the construction site” for some time. But due to the popularity of the basketball team, we have had to limit our coverage to this small, yet critically located corner. Accordingly, we have decided only to include the most important facts:

? It is very, very large.

? It is very, very deep.

? As excavation continues, it will get larger and deeper.

? No dead bodies have been found, but used condoms have.

? Pupose of digging the hole: a faster route to China.

? Cost of seeing a Jesuit in a hardhat: priceless.

? Excavation is only successful when it is carried out between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m.

? It would be unwise to jump into the hole, although construction workers seem to think otherwise.

?The American Heritage Dictionary defines a “hole” as “an ugly, squalid or depressing dwelling.” The editors are obviously referring to our hole.

? Number of Georgetown students who could fit into the hole if stacked vertically: 12,342

? Number of Georgetown students who could fit into the hole if folded neatly in half: 12,342

? Dumping sites for dirt: Maryland landfill, land immediately adjacent to hole, your mom.

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