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March 29, 2001

It is less than sixty days to graduation and you don’t have a job, a plan or even a clue. Bills are mounting, parents are complaining and the Tombs is beckoning. On June 1st you will be homeless, unemployed and probably broke. Yes, you are a senior.

We here at The Voice would like to add to your worries. So chalk this one up to your “I’m-going-to-starve-like-a-bum-in-the-street” file.

On Feb. 23, 2001, Brian O’Dea, a convicted international drug smuggler, placed an Employment Wanted ad (at right) in The Financial Post (Canada’s Wall Street Journal).

In the ad, O’Dea made no bones about his past. He claimed his ability to build and manage a $100-million dollar organization on three continents and an island demonstrated initiative and management ability, not evil genius and a lack of scruples. According to O’Dea, his work made him a “well-traveled” executive, an “expert in all levels of security.” His references include the U.S. District Attorney?that’s only about a half step up from referencing a cellmate.

Having just finished his ten-year sentence for smuggling 75 (US) tons of marijuana into Canada and the United States?that’s right 75 tons, or about enough to give every Georgetown student twenty pounds of the good stuff?O’Dea now wants to go straight.

It might seem that well-rounded, pseudo-Ivy educated graduates of Georgetown could get a hearty chuckle from this middle-aged Jean Valjean’s attempt at self-reinvention, except for one detail.

He’s getting offers?lots of them. According to The Financial Post, Mr. O’Dea has received over 200 phone calls and fifteen offers. Name one senior who can say that.

Makes you reconsider the decision to go to the Career Fair over baking out your bathroom, don’t it? ?? by Liam Price

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