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April 5, 2001

Tastings are nice. You get a little sampling of a lot of different foods. You can try things you’ve never tried before and revisit dishes that you’ve always loved. This Friday, at 8 p.m. in Gaston Hall, the Georgetown Program Board is presenting a tasting, only it is a sampling of the performing arts, not cuisine.

GPB has done an excellent job at creating an interesting and widely varied performance showcase. The acts range from dance to voice to comedy, each group contributing its own artistic personality to the show. As in a tasting, the audience gets a little taste of each group: just enough to get a sense of the flavor but not enough for a whole meal.

Gaston Hall is great for any musical performance. The acoustics are wonderful, and the sound isn’t lost in any part of the Hall. Two new acapella groups in particular take advantage of the space to amplify and exaggerate their beautiful voices. Harmony, an all female group that started performing in November, presents a unique selection of non-English songs. The members of the group, besides having wonderful voices, infuse the songs with emotion and present a feeling for the culture associated with the music. The Next Best Thing, an all male group, is small yet strong, and fills the air of Gaston with their powerful voices. The members of the group create in-tune and lovely harmonies, as well as provide skillfully sung melodic lines. Essence and Saxatones also provide a new and spirited approach to a capella, countering veterans such as the Gracenotes, the Phantoms and the Chimes.

The dance troupes that perform in Showtime each present a different form of dance executed with talent and ease. Black Movements presents the most outstanding performance, with extremely rythmic and musical pieces. Every movement is expressive and meaningful, and all the dancers are sharp and together at almost every point. Ballet Folklorico is also especially energetic, dancing to faster music than usual and with an air of great joy and excitement.

The only unfortunate drawback to the show is that some of the groups are so enjoyable, their brief tasting leaves the audience unsatisfied and wanting more. However, don’t fret: Most of these groups are holding their next performances sometime in April.

The Voice plug: GPB’s production gives Georgetown’s students the chance to gain a little insight into a performing arts program which usually centers around only a few organizations. Through presenting some lesser known groups mixed in with the old favorites, Showtime does justice to the full scope of Georgetown’s performance community. Support the arts. Go see this.

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